Kovax Buflex dry abrasive discs-K2000-K3000

Kovax Buflex dry abrasive discs-K2000-K3000

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Kovax Buflex Dry abrasive discs-150mm:

25 in a box

*Select the grade you require as an option.

The ultra flexible, innovative latex backing with a unique grain structure ensures extremely uniform scratches. The especially developed female-female velcro ensures process safety and prevents scratches caused by hard velcro. Buflex remains the coating structure.

After removing surface irregularities and imperfections, we recommend using Buflex Dry
to refine any last scratches. Depending on the colour, choose your Buflex Dry grit.

For lighter colours (whites, silvers, etc) it is possible to only use Buflex Dry K2500 before polishing
(after having cut the nib with Tolecut), which is the ideal combination of cutting power & a
fine sanding result.

For dark colours, we recommend to start with Buflex Dry K2000 and
or K2500 and finish with K3000 before starting with polishing.

The extremely fine sanding pattern of Buflex Dry reduces the work-intensive polishing