Paintshop Ancillaries

Paintshop Ancillaries

Paint Cup Systems, degreasing wipes, strainers and more!

3M Paintshop Handwipes

Pack of 100 wipes
£24.65 exc VAT

3M™ Dirt Trap Protection System for paint booths

Clean your booth regularly when it´s necessary and not only when you have the time to shut it down for approximately 2 days!
£285.42 exc VAT

Colad Turbomix Paintsaver-box

512 in a box
£39.99 exc VAT

Colad UV Curing Light

£1,750.00 exc VAT

Etalon Paint Cup System

Various sizes available
£38.00 exc VAT

Gerko Paint Cup System

600mls 125 micron
£45.00 exc VAT

Lechler Autorefinishing thinners 1 litre

1 litre
£12.15 exc VAT

Lechler Green-Ti Filler 1 Litre

1 Litre
£15.79 exc VAT

Lechler HS Hardener Speedy 500ml

£10.22 exc VAT

Macrofan HS2000 1 Litre

1 litre
£37.67 exc VAT

Macrofan UHS Fast Hardener 500ml

£26.98 exc VAT

Pump Action Spray Bottle

£31.74 exc VAT

Starchem Tack Cloths-50

£11.45 exc VAT