Indasa Masking Tape -MTE RED- 24mm X 50M

Indasa Masking Tape -MTE RED- 24mm X 50M

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Indasa masking tape- MTE Red:

36 rolls 24mm x 50m

A waterproof, automotive grade masking tape with performance specs for use in any industry. The solvent resistant features and high bake temperature tolerance are compatible with all types of paint systems. UV resistant for five days allows for outdoor use.

The controlled unwind and high conformability will enable fast masking of multiple contours while creating sharp paint lines.

Paint will not bleed =excellent adhesion
Good mechanical strength =flexible
Easy to shape on contours = easy/clean removal
Leaves no residue= consistency of thickness
Uniform paint edge/Easy roll release
Easy to apply/100 ºC temp rating
Medium bake refinishing
High tack adhesive = instant adhesion