Colad Sensor Covers 500 pieces

Colad Sensor Covers 500 pieces

£45.00 exc VAT


Ready-to-use masking solution for parking sensors, red self-adhesive covers, 500 pieces in a disenserbox.

Colad Sensor Covers are a quick and easy solution for masking parking sensors
Integrated parking sensors need to be handled with care. To sand or paint a bumper perfectly they must be covered for the full 100%. Or worse, need to be disassembled.

Both of these solutions are time consuming. Solve this problem by using the Colad Sensor Covers.

Sensor Covers are specially designed to mask parking sensors during the sanding and painting process in the most effective and efficient manner. The unique patented shape makes sure that paint can't get under, it also makes the cover easy to remove.

The benefits of Colad Parking Sensor Masking Covers
Time saving; save up to 15 minutes in the repair process
Easy to use; apply and remove within seconds
Ideal measurements; suitable for most modern parking sensors
Oversandable; can be sanded over by machine sander
Paint adhesive; paint sticks to the cover

The technical features of Colad Parking Sensor Masking Covers:

Sticker Ø: 18 mm
Thickness: 84 micron
Temperature range: up to 200 degrees
Tensile strength: 8.8 kg/cm
Adhesion to steel: 11 g/cm
Roll length: 65.8 m
Package: Dispenser box - 500 Stickers